Robins get creative!

The Robins have had an exciting day creating pieces of art on a cling film canvas. They enjoyed the way the brush felt on the cling film and looked very focused and relaxed!

We’ve also been looking at healthy living in Robin class and had the opportunity to make fruit kebabs which we all shared and enjoyed!

Another fun week in Robin class! Have a great weekend everyoneūüėÉ


Snow Mouse theatre trip

The Robins had a fantastic time at The Egg Theatre watching ‘Snow Mouse’. They were full of wonder as they entered the white room which had twinkling lights on the ceiling and fluffy snow seats to sit on.

They absolutely loved watching the puppet mouse and particularly enjoyed when the mouse threw snow balls into the crowd!

It was wonderful to watch the children be so enthralled by the puppetry and special effects. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to come and help on the trip.


Noisy Nativity

The children were amazing.  We are so proud of them.  Thank you to everyone who came and watched.  We hope you enjoyed it.  If you would like a disc with all the photos on, they cost £5 and are available from Reception. Thanks Chronicle pic