What a week!

Phew! Our Robins have been very busy indeed this week! World book day, the Easter services, the bonnet parade, an Easter egg hunt, making cress heads, writing about themselves on other planets to name but a few!..here are some pictures of our busy week!

Have a great holiday everyone! We look forward to hearing all about it when they come back!

Shape of the week!


pentagonOur shape for the holidays is- the 5 sided Pentagon!


Can the children spot any whilst out and about? Please let us know if they do! Any examples or pictures would be fantastic! Have a great holiday everyone!

Bedtime Story!


It’s bedtime story evening on Tuesday 6th March!

Please bring your child and £1.00 at 5 o clock for a lovely hour of stories and hot chocolate and come collect them at 6 o’clock.

Don’t forget the children can wear their PJs and bring their teddy bears- we are looking forward to it!