Our beanstalk’s have been planted!

Robin class have planted their own runner beans today and we are eagerly waiting for them to germinate- it’s very exciting!

We watched a clip of a Trowbridge school boy who grew a beanstalk which was taller than his house! (see link below) The children are determined to grow one that big or bigger so get for ready to make a space for those!


We also watched a fascinating time-lapse video of a bean seed germinating and growing. The children are really enjoying this topic. If you have any pictures or news of your child’s gardening or growing please send them in- we’d love them to show and share!

Colour mixing

Robin class have been learning about primary colours this week and had a great time exploring using coloured water, pipettes and filter paper. They were wowed at what happened to the colours when they hit the paper and when then merged together. They were very careful and concentrated hard- they are definitely budding scientists!