Birthday Robins!!

Had a birthday since lockdown? You lucky things! Send us any pictures of you celebrating- we’d love to see them and share some of the fun with you!

Happy birthday robin

We hope you had a really wonderful 5th Birthday Emma!


The Great Robin Class Book Quiz!

We posted a Robin class book quiz on Friday 22nd May- heres a little reminder…

“The Friday challenge is today set by Maisy Whitfield.

It is a game called “Guess the title of the book from the drawing!” (Catchy I know)

Aim of the game: to create a picture that represents a book for the other Robins to guess the title and author- if they can!

The rules are: you must not write the title or author in words on the page

This is Maisy’s example. Can you guess the book title and the author? Click on the picture to reveal the book once you’ve had a guess.


Did you guess correctly?

There are many creative ways the Robin’s could do this. One way could be the robins could draw the title page, or another, they could sequence the story like the one below…can you guess which story this is?..

Supertato storymap 2 e1478261359605 225x300

Send your challenges to and we will pop them on the blog ready for the Robins to guess- we can’t wait- we love a quiz!”

We’ve received our first entry…this is Emma’s…Can you guess the book title and author?

Pop your answers in the comments section!

Emma's quiz entry!
Can you guess the author and title?

Please send your entry to and we’ll post them here for you to guess.

Miscellaneous marvellousness!

Hi Robins- we’ve received all sorts of wonderful work this week…take a look!..

Keep up the great work! Also take a peek at the Giant writing and the Superworm blog posts too if you can, for more examples of what you’ve been doing at home.

Super spelling practise!
Rob Biddulph art lessons
Toothbrushing timing


Shadow artwork