Exploring Capacity!

As part of shape, space and measure this week, the Robins have had lots of fun exploring capacity! They took part in an activity where the aim of the game was to fill their container the first. They rolled a die and the number it landed on was the number of cups they got to fill up their container- it was great fun! They were using fantastic language such as full, empty, half full, more than, less than, equal to and overflowing!

Subitising numbers on a tens frame

Lots of parents have been asking us, what is subitising? It is when children can recognise an amount of objects without actually counting them, for example a dice. Please find below a great website to use with your child at home. It is an interactive tens frame, where you can add and take away counters up to 10. Simply place them on and ask your child ” What can you see?” Insist on a full sentence reply ” I can see ____ spots”. Have a go and see how they get on. Remember they must not count.

Click on this link or copy and paste into your browser. https://mathsbot.com/manipulatives/tenFrame

Here is a tens frame example:

Question – ” What can you see?” Reply “I can see 2 spots.”

You can then extend the subitising to create number bonds.

Question- “What can you see?” Reply ” I can see 3 red spots and 3 blue spots. 3 add 3 equals 6.”

These are examples of what we have been doing at school. We hope you find this useful.