Colour mixing

Robin class have been learning about primary colours this week and had a great time exploring using coloured water, pipettes and filter paper. They were wowed at what happened to the colours when they hit the paper and when then merged together. They were very careful and concentrated hard- they are definitely budding scientists!

Welcome back and chicks

Welcome back everyone. It has been so nice to have all the children back in the classroom this week. They have all returned full of enthusiasm.

Having the chicks in the classroom, has been brilliant. They have all loved seeing and holding them.

Here are a few pics…

Exploring Capacity!

As part of shape, space and measure this week, the Robins have had lots of fun exploring capacity! They took part in an activity where the aim of the game was to fill their container the first. They rolled a die and the number it landed on was the number of cups they got to fill up their container- it was great fun! They were using fantastic language such as full, empty, half full, more than, less than, equal to and overflowing!